Class CompressingTermVectorsFormat

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      • CompressingTermVectorsFormat

        public CompressingTermVectorsFormat​(java.lang.String formatName,
                                            java.lang.String segmentSuffix,
                                            CompressionMode compressionMode,
                                            int chunkSize)
        Create a new CompressingTermVectorsFormat.

        formatName is the name of the format. This name will be used in the file formats to perform codec header checks.

        The compressionMode parameter allows you to choose between compression algorithms that have various compression and decompression speeds so that you can pick the one that best fits your indexing and searching throughput. You should never instantiate two CompressingTermVectorsFormats that have the same name but different CompressionModes.

        chunkSize is the minimum byte size of a chunk of documents. Higher values of chunkSize should improve the compression ratio but will require more memory at indexing time and might make document loading a little slower (depending on the size of your OS cache compared to the size of your index).

        formatName - the name of the StoredFieldsFormat
        segmentSuffix - a suffix to append to files created by this format
        compressionMode - the CompressionMode to use
        chunkSize - the minimum number of bytes of a single chunk of stored documents
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