Class SegmentReadState

  • public class SegmentReadState
    extends java.lang.Object
    Holder class for common parameters used during read.
    • Field Detail

      • termsIndexDivisor

        public int termsIndexDivisor
        The termInfosIndexDivisor to use, if appropriate (not all PostingsFormats support it; in particular the current default does not).

        NOTE: if this is < 0, that means "defer terms index load until needed". But if the codec must load the terms index on init (preflex is the only once currently that must do so), then it should negate this value to get the app's terms divisor

    • Constructor Detail

      • SegmentReadState

        public SegmentReadState​(Directory dir,
                                SegmentInfo info,
                                FieldInfos fieldInfos,
                                IOContext context,
                                int termsIndexDivisor,
                                java.lang.String segmentSuffix)
        Create a SegmentReadState.
      • SegmentReadState

        public SegmentReadState​(SegmentReadState other,
                                java.lang.String newSegmentSuffix)
        Create a SegmentReadState.