Class SegmentWriteState

  • public class SegmentWriteState
    extends java.lang.Object
    Holder class for common parameters used during write.
    • Field Detail

      • directory

        public final Directory directory
        Directory where this segment will be written to.
      • delCountOnFlush

        public int delCountOnFlush
        Number of deleted documents set while flushing the segment.
      • segUpdates

        public final org.apache.lucene.index.BufferedUpdates segUpdates
        Deletes and updates to apply while we are flushing the segment. A Term is enrolled in here if it was deleted/updated at one point, and it's mapped to the docIDUpto, meaning any docID < docIDUpto containing this term should be deleted/updated.
      • liveDocs

        public MutableBits liveDocs
        MutableBits recording live documents; this is only set if there is one or more deleted documents.
      • termIndexInterval

        public int termIndexInterval
        Expert: The fraction of terms in the "dictionary" which should be stored in RAM. Smaller values use more memory, but make searching slightly faster, while larger values use less memory and make searching slightly slower. Searching is typically not dominated by dictionary lookup, so tweaking this is rarely useful.