Class EarlyTerminatingSortingCollector

    • Constructor Detail

      • EarlyTerminatingSortingCollector

        public EarlyTerminatingSortingCollector​(Collector in,
                                                Sorter sorter,
                                                int numDocsToCollect)
        Create a new EarlyTerminatingSortingCollector instance.
        in - the collector to wrap
        sorter - the same sorter as the one which is used by IndexWriter's SortingMergePolicy
        numDocsToCollect - the number of documents to collect on each segment. When wrapping a TopDocsCollector, this number should be the number of hits.
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      • setScorer

        public void setScorer​(Scorer scorer)
        Description copied from class: Collector
        Called before successive calls to Collector.collect(int). Implementations that need the score of the current document (passed-in to Collector.collect(int)), should save the passed-in Scorer and call scorer.score() when needed.
        Specified by:
        setScorer in class Collector
      • collect

        public void collect​(int doc)
        Description copied from class: Collector
        Called once for every document matching a query, with the unbased document number.

        Note: The collection of the current segment can be terminated by throwing a CollectionTerminatedException. In this case, the last docs of the current AtomicReaderContext will be skipped and IndexSearcher will swallow the exception and continue collection with the next leaf.

        Note: This is called in an inner search loop. For good search performance, implementations of this method should not call IndexSearcher.doc(int) or IndexReader.document(int) on every hit. Doing so can slow searches by an order of magnitude or more.

        Specified by:
        collect in class Collector
      • acceptsDocsOutOfOrder

        public boolean acceptsDocsOutOfOrder()
        Description copied from class: Collector
        Return true if this collector does not require the matching docIDs to be delivered in int sort order (smallest to largest) to Collector.collect(int).

        Most Lucene Query implementations will visit matching docIDs in order. However, some queries (currently limited to certain cases of BooleanQuery) can achieve faster searching if the Collector allows them to deliver the docIDs out of order.

        Many collectors don't mind getting docIDs out of order, so it's important to return true here.

        Specified by:
        acceptsDocsOutOfOrder in class Collector