Class AutomatonQuery

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    RegexpQuery, WildcardQuery

    public class AutomatonQuery
    extends MultiTermQuery
    A Query that will match terms against a finite-state machine.

    This query will match documents that contain terms accepted by a given finite-state machine. The automaton can be constructed with the org.apache.lucene.util.automaton API. Alternatively, it can be created from a regular expression with RegexpQuery or from the standard Lucene wildcard syntax with WildcardQuery.

    When the query is executed, it will create an equivalent DFA of the finite-state machine, and will enumerate the term dictionary in an intelligent way to reduce the number of comparisons. For example: the regular expression of [dl]og? will make approximately four comparisons: do, dog, lo, and log.

    • Constructor Detail

      • AutomatonQuery

        public AutomatonQuery​(Term term,
                              Automaton automaton)
        Create a new AutomatonQuery from an Automaton.
        term - Term containing field and possibly some pattern structure. The term text is ignored.
        automaton - Automaton to run, terms that are accepted are considered a match.
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      • toString

        public String toString​(String field)
        Description copied from class: Query
        Prints a query to a string, with field assumed to be the default field and omitted.
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        toString in class Query
      • getAutomaton

        public Automaton getAutomaton()
        Returns the automaton used to create this query