Class FieldValueHitQueue<T extends FieldValueHitQueue.Entry>

    • Method Detail

      • create

        public static <T extends FieldValueHitQueue.EntryFieldValueHitQueue<T> create​(SortField[] fields,
                                                                                        int size)
        Creates a hit queue sorted by the given list of fields.

        NOTE: The instances returned by this method pre-allocate a full array of length numHits.

        fields - SortField array we are sorting by in priority order (highest priority first); cannot be null or empty
        size - The number of hits to retain. Must be greater than zero.
        Throws: - if there is a low-level IO error
      • getReverseMul

        public int[] getReverseMul()
      • setComparator

        public void setComparator​(int pos,
                                  FieldComparator<?> comparator)