Class AttributeImpl

    • Constructor Detail

      • AttributeImpl

        public AttributeImpl()
    • Method Detail

      • clear

        public abstract void clear()
        Clears the values in this AttributeImpl and resets it to its default value. If this implementation implements more than one Attribute interface it clears all.
      • reflectAsString

        public final String reflectAsString​(boolean prependAttClass)
        This method returns the current attribute values as a string in the following format by calling the reflectWith(AttributeReflector) method:
        • iff prependAttClass=true: "AttributeClass#key=value,AttributeClass#key=value"
        • iff prependAttClass=false: "key=value,key=value"
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      • copyTo

        public abstract void copyTo​(AttributeImpl target)
        Copies the values from this Attribute into the passed-in target attribute. The target implementation must support all the Attributes this implementation supports.
      • clone

        public AttributeImpl clone()
        Shallow clone. Subclasses must override this if they need to clone any members deeply,