Class GrowableByteArrayDataOutput

  • public final class GrowableByteArrayDataOutput
    extends DataOutput
    A DataOutput that can be used to build a byte[].
    • Field Detail

      • bytes

        public byte[] bytes
        The bytes
      • length

        public int length
        The length
    • Constructor Detail

      • GrowableByteArrayDataOutput

        public GrowableByteArrayDataOutput​(int cp)
        Create a GrowableByteArrayDataOutput with the given initial capacity.
    • Method Detail

      • writeByte

        public void writeByte​(byte b)
        Description copied from class: DataOutput
        Writes a single byte.

        The most primitive data type is an eight-bit byte. Files are accessed as sequences of bytes. All other data types are defined as sequences of bytes, so file formats are byte-order independent.

        Specified by:
        writeByte in class DataOutput
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      • writeBytes

        public void writeBytes​(byte[] b,
                               int off,
                               int len)
        Description copied from class: DataOutput
        Writes an array of bytes.
        Specified by:
        writeBytes in class DataOutput
        b - the bytes to write
        off - the offset in the byte array
        len - the number of bytes to write
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