Class EscherContainerRecord

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Cloneable, java.lang.Iterable<EscherRecord>

    public final class EscherContainerRecord
    extends EscherRecord
    implements java.lang.Iterable<EscherRecord>
    Escher container records store other escher records as children. The container records themselves never store any information beyond the standard header used by all escher records. This one record is used to represent many different types of records.
    • Constructor Detail

      • EscherContainerRecord

        public EscherContainerRecord()
    • Method Detail

      • fillFields

        public int fillFields​(byte[] data,
                              int pOffset,
                              EscherRecordFactory recordFactory)
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        The contract of this method is to deserialize an escher record including it's children.
        Specified by:
        fillFields in class EscherRecord
        data - The byte array containing the serialized escher records.
        pOffset - The offset into the byte array.
        recordFactory - A factory for creating new escher records.
        The number of bytes written.
      • serialize

        public int serialize​(int offset,
                             byte[] data,
                             EscherSerializationListener listener)
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        Serializes the record to an existing byte array.
        Specified by:
        serialize in class EscherRecord
        offset - the offset within the byte array
        data - the data array to serialize to
        listener - a listener for begin and end serialization events. This is useful because the serialization is hierarchical/recursive and sometimes you need to be able break into that.
        the number of bytes written.
      • getRecordSize

        public int getRecordSize()
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        Subclasses should effeciently return the number of bytes required to serialize the record.
        Specified by:
        getRecordSize in class EscherRecord
        number of bytes
      • hasChildOfType

        public boolean hasChildOfType​(short recordId)
        Do any of our (top level) children have the given recordId?
        recordId - the recordId of the child
        true, if any child has the given recordId
      • getChild

        public EscherRecord getChild​(int index)
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        Returns the indexed child record.
        getChild in class EscherRecord
        index - the index of the child within the child records
        the indexed child record
      • iterator

        public java.util.Iterator<EscherRecord> iterator()
        Specified by:
        iterator in interface java.lang.Iterable<EscherRecord>
        an iterator over the child records
      • setChildRecords

        public void setChildRecords​(java.util.List<EscherRecord> childRecords)
        replaces the internal child list with the contents of the supplied childRecords
        setChildRecords in class EscherRecord
        childRecords - Not used in base implementation.
      • removeChildRecord

        public boolean removeChildRecord​(EscherRecord toBeRemoved)
        Removes the given escher record from the child list
        toBeRemoved - the escher record to be removed
        true, if the record was found and removed
      • getChildContainers

        public java.util.List<EscherContainerRecord> getChildContainers()
        Returns all of our children which are also EscherContainers (may be 0, 1, or vary rarely 2 or 3)
        EscherContainer children
      • getRecordName

        public java.lang.String getRecordName()
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        Subclasses should return the short name for this escher record.
        Specified by:
        getRecordName in class EscherRecord
        the short name for this escher record
      • display

        public void display​( w,
                            int indent)
        Description copied from class: EscherRecord
        The display methods allows escher variables to print the record names according to their hierarchy.
        display in class EscherRecord
        w - The print writer to output to.
        indent - The current indent level.
      • addChildRecord

        public void addChildRecord​(EscherRecord record)
        Append a child record
        record - the record to be added
      • addChildBefore

        public void addChildBefore​(EscherRecord record,
                                   int insertBeforeRecordId)
        Add a child record before the record with given recordId
        record - the record to be added
        insertBeforeRecordId - the recordId of the next sibling
      • getChildById

        public <T extends EscherRecord> T getChildById​(short recordId)
      • getRecordsById

        public void getRecordsById​(short recordId,
                                   java.util.List<EscherRecord> out)
        Recursively find records with the specified record ID
        recordId - the recordId to be searched for
        out - - list to store found records