Class Stream

  • Direct Known Subclasses:
    ChunkStream, PointerContainingStream, StringsStream, UnknownStream

    public abstract class Stream
    extends java.lang.Object
    Base of all Streams within a HDGF document. Streams are what hold the data (the metadata of a stream is held in the pointer that points to the stream). A stream may be stored compressed or un-compressed on the disk, but that doesn't appear to change their use.
    • Method Detail

      • getPointer

        public Pointer getPointer()
      • _getContentsLength

        public int _getContentsLength()
      • createStream

        public static Stream createStream​(Pointer pointer,
                                          byte[] documentData,
                                          ChunkFactory chunkFactory,
                                          PointerFactory pointerFactory)
        Uses the pointer to locate a Stream within the document data, and creates it.
        pointer - The Pointer to create a stream for
        documentData - The raw document data