Class Chunks

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ChunkGroup, ChunkGroupWithProperties

    public final class Chunks
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements ChunkGroupWithProperties
    Collection of convenience chunks for standard parts of the MSG file. Not all of these will be present in any given file. A partial list is available at: TODO Deprecate the public Chunks in favour of Property Lookups
    • Constructor Detail

      • Chunks

        public Chunks()
    • Method Detail

      • getProperties

        public java.util.Map<MAPIProperty,​java.util.List<PropertyValue>> getProperties()
        Description copied from interface: ChunkGroupWithProperties
        Returns all the Properties contained in the Chunk, along with their Values. Normally, each property will have one value, sometimes none, and rarely multiple (normally for Unknown etc). For fixed sized properties, the value can be fetched straight from the PropertyValue. For variable sized properties, you'll need to go via the chunk.
        Specified by:
        getProperties in interface ChunkGroupWithProperties
      • getChunks

        public Chunk[] getChunks()
        Description copied from interface: ChunkGroup
        Returns the chunks that make up the group. Should certainly contain all the interesting Chunks, but needn't always contain all of the Chunks.
        Specified by:
        getChunks in interface ChunkGroup
      • getMessageClass

        public StringChunk getMessageClass()
      • getTextBodyChunk

        public StringChunk getTextBodyChunk()
      • getHtmlBodyChunkString

        public StringChunk getHtmlBodyChunkString()
      • getHtmlBodyChunkBinary

        public ByteChunk getHtmlBodyChunkBinary()
      • getRtfBodyChunk

        public ByteChunk getRtfBodyChunk()
      • getSubjectChunk

        public StringChunk getSubjectChunk()
      • getDisplayToChunk

        public StringChunk getDisplayToChunk()
      • getDisplayFromChunk

        public StringChunk getDisplayFromChunk()
      • getDisplayCCChunk

        public StringChunk getDisplayCCChunk()
      • getDisplayBCCChunk

        public StringChunk getDisplayBCCChunk()
      • getConversationTopic

        public StringChunk getConversationTopic()
      • getSentByServerType

        public StringChunk getSentByServerType()
      • getMessageHeaders

        public StringChunk getMessageHeaders()
      • getEmailFromChunk

        public StringChunk getEmailFromChunk()
      • record

        public void record​(Chunk chunk)
        Called by the parser whenever a chunk is found.
        Specified by:
        record in interface ChunkGroup
      • chunksComplete

        public void chunksComplete()
        Description copied from interface: ChunkGroup
        Called by the parser when all chunks have been found.
        Specified by:
        chunksComplete in interface ChunkGroup