Class EventWorkbookBuilder.SheetRecordCollectingListener

    • Constructor Detail

      • SheetRecordCollectingListener

        public SheetRecordCollectingListener​(HSSFListener childListener)
    • Method Detail

      • getSSTRecord

        public SSTRecord getSSTRecord()
      • getStubHSSFWorkbook

        public HSSFWorkbook getStubHSSFWorkbook()
      • processRecord

        public void processRecord​(Record record)
        Process this record ourselves, and then pass it on to our child listener
        Specified by:
        processRecord in interface HSSFListener
        record - the record to be processed
      • processRecordInternally

        public void processRecordInternally​(Record record)
        Process the record ourselves, but do not pass it on to the child Listener.
        record - the record to be processed