Class EventWorkbookBuilder

  • public class EventWorkbookBuilder
    extends java.lang.Object
    When working with the EventUserModel, if you want to process formulas, you need an instance of InternalWorkbook to pass to a HSSFWorkbook, to finally give to HSSFFormulaParser, and this will build you stub ones. Since you're working with the EventUserModel, you wouldn't want to get a full InternalWorkbook and HSSFWorkbook, as they would eat too much memory. Instead, you should collect a few key records as they go past, then call this once you have them to build a stub InternalWorkbook, and from that a stub HSSFWorkbook, to use with the HSSFFormulaParser. The records you should collect are: * ExternSheetRecord * BoundSheetRecord You should probably also collect SSTRecord, but it's not required to pass this in. To help, this class includes a HSSFListener wrapper that will do the collecting for you.
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      • EventWorkbookBuilder

        public EventWorkbookBuilder()