Class SharedValueManager

    • Method Detail

      • getRecordForFirstCell

        public SharedValueRecordBase getRecordForFirstCell​(FormulaRecordAggregate agg)
        Gets the SharedValueRecordBase record if it should be encoded immediately after the formula record contained in the specified FormulaRecordAggregate agg. Note - the shared value record always appears after the first formula record in the group. For arrays and tables the first formula is always the in the top left cell. However, since shared formula groups can be sparse and/or overlap, the first formula may not actually be in the top left cell.
        the SHRFMLA, TABLE or ARRAY record for the formula cell, if it is the first cell of a table or array region. null if the formula cell is not shared/array/table, or if the specified formula is not the the first in the group.
      • unlink

        public void unlink​(SharedFormulaRecord sharedFormulaRecord)
        Converts all FormulaRecords handled by sharedFormulaRecord to plain unshared formulas
      • addArrayRecord

        public void addArrayRecord​(ArrayRecord ar)
        Add specified Array Record.
      • removeArrayFormula

        public CellRangeAddress8Bit removeArrayFormula​(int rowIndex,
                                                       int columnIndex)
        Removes the ArrayRecord for the cell group containing the specified cell. The caller should clear (set blank) all cells in the returned range.
        the range of the array formula which was just removed. Never null.
      • getArrayRecord

        public ArrayRecord getArrayRecord​(int firstRow,
                                          int firstColumn)
        the shared ArrayRecord identified by (firstRow, firstColumn). never null.