Class CharacterProperties

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class CharacterProperties
    extends CHPAbstractType
    implements java.lang.Cloneable
    • Constructor Detail

      • CharacterProperties

        public CharacterProperties()
    • Method Detail

      • isMarkedDeleted

        public boolean isMarkedDeleted()
      • markDeleted

        public void markDeleted​(boolean mark)
      • isBold

        public boolean isBold()
      • setBold

        public void setBold​(boolean bold)
      • isItalic

        public boolean isItalic()
      • setItalic

        public void setItalic​(boolean italic)
      • isOutlined

        public boolean isOutlined()
      • setOutline

        public void setOutline​(boolean outlined)
      • isFldVanished

        public boolean isFldVanished()
      • setFldVanish

        public void setFldVanish​(boolean fldVanish)
      • isSmallCaps

        public boolean isSmallCaps()
      • setSmallCaps

        public void setSmallCaps​(boolean smallCaps)
      • isCapitalized

        public boolean isCapitalized()
      • setCapitalized

        public void setCapitalized​(boolean caps)
      • isVanished

        public boolean isVanished()
      • setVanished

        public void setVanished​(boolean vanish)
      • isMarkedInserted

        public boolean isMarkedInserted()
      • markInserted

        public void markInserted​(boolean mark)
      • isStrikeThrough

        public boolean isStrikeThrough()
      • strikeThrough

        public void strikeThrough​(boolean strike)
      • isShadowed

        public boolean isShadowed()
      • setShadow

        public void setShadow​(boolean shadow)
      • isEmbossed

        public boolean isEmbossed()
      • setEmbossed

        public void setEmbossed​(boolean emboss)
      • isImprinted

        public boolean isImprinted()
      • setImprinted

        public void setImprinted​(boolean imprint)
      • isDoubleStrikeThrough

        public boolean isDoubleStrikeThrough()
      • setDoubleStrikeThrough

        public void setDoubleStrikeThrough​(boolean dstrike)
      • getFontSize

        public int getFontSize()
      • setFontSize

        public void setFontSize​(int halfPoints)
      • getCharacterSpacing

        public int getCharacterSpacing()
      • setCharacterSpacing

        public void setCharacterSpacing​(int twips)
      • getSubSuperScriptIndex

        public short getSubSuperScriptIndex()
      • setSubSuperScriptIndex

        public void setSubSuperScriptIndex​(short iss)
      • getUnderlineCode

        public int getUnderlineCode()
      • setUnderlineCode

        public void setUnderlineCode​(int kul)
      • getColor

        public int getColor()
      • setColor

        public void setColor​(int color)
      • getVerticalOffset

        public int getVerticalOffset()
      • setVerticalOffset

        public void setVerticalOffset​(int hpsPos)
      • getKerning

        public int getKerning()
      • setKerning

        public void setKerning​(int kern)
      • isHighlighted

        public boolean isHighlighted()
      • setHighlighted

        public void setHighlighted​(byte color)
      • getIco24

        public int getIco24()
        Get the ico24 field for the CHP record.
      • setIco24

        public void setIco24​(int colour24)
        Set the ico24 field for the CHP record.