Interface TextParagraph.BulletStyle

    • Method Detail

      • getBulletCharacter

        java.lang.String getBulletCharacter()
      • getBulletFont

        java.lang.String getBulletFont()
      • getBulletFontSize

        java.lang.Double getBulletFontSize()
        The bullet point font size If bulletFontSize >= 0, then space is a percentage of normal line height. If bulletFontSize < 0, the absolute value in points
        the bullet point font size
      • setBulletFontColor

        void setBulletFontColor​(java.awt.Color color)
        Convenience function to set a solid color
      • setBulletFontColor

        void setBulletFontColor​(PaintStyle color)
      • getBulletFontColor

        PaintStyle getBulletFontColor()
        the color of bullet characters within a given paragraph. A null value means to use the text font color.
      • getAutoNumberingStartAt

        java.lang.Integer getAutoNumberingStartAt()
        Index (1-based) of the first auto number value, or null if auto numbering scheme wasn't assigned.