Interface Shape<S extends Shape<S,​P>,​P extends TextParagraph<S,​P,​? extends TextRun>>

    • Method Detail

      • getSheet

        Sheet<S,​P> getSheet()
        the sheet this shape belongs to
      • getAnchor

        java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D getAnchor()
        Returns the anchor (the bounding box rectangle) of this shape. All coordinates are expressed in points (72 dpi).
        the anchor of this shape
      • getShapeName

        java.lang.String getShapeName()
        human-readable name of this shape, e.g. "Rectange 3"
        POI 4.0.0
      • draw

        void draw​(java.awt.Graphics2D graphics,
                  java.awt.geom.Rectangle2D bounds)
        Convenience method to draw a single shape
        graphics - the graphics context
        bounds - the rectangle to fit the shape to. if null, the bounds of the shape are used.
      • getShapeId

        int getShapeId()
        Returns a unique identifier for this shape within the current slide. This ID may be used to assist in uniquely identifying this object so that it can be referred to by other parts of the document.

        If multiple objects within the same slide share the same id attribute value, then the document shall be considered non-conformant.

        unique id of this shape