Class RefPtg

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    public final class RefPtg
    extends RefPtgBase
    ReferencePtg - handles references (such as A1, A2, IA4)
    • Constructor Detail

      • RefPtg

        public RefPtg​(java.lang.String cellref)
        Takes in a String representation of a cell reference and fills out the numeric fields.
      • RefPtg

        public RefPtg​(int row,
                      int column,
                      boolean isRowRelative,
                      boolean isColumnRelative)
    • Method Detail

      • toFormulaString

        public final java.lang.String toFormulaString()
        Description copied from class: Ptg
        return a string representation of this token alone
        Specified by:
        toFormulaString in class Ptg
      • getSize

        public final int getSize()
        Specified by:
        getSize in class Ptg
        the encoded length of this Ptg, including the initial Ptg type identifier byte.
      • toString

        public final java.lang.String toString()
        Description copied from class: Ptg
        Overridden toString method to ensure object hash is not printed. This helps get rid of gratuitous diffs when comparing two dumps Subclasses may output more relevant information by overriding this method
        toString in class Ptg