Interface ConditionalFormatting

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    HSSFConditionalFormatting, XSSFConditionalFormatting

    public interface ConditionalFormatting
    The ConditionalFormatting class encapsulates all settings of Conditional Formatting. The class can be used
    • to make a copy ConditionalFormatting settings.
    • For example:
       ConditionalFormatting cf = sheet.getConditionalFormattingAt(index);
    • or to modify existing Conditional Formatting settings (formatting regions and/or rules).
    Use Sheet.getSheetConditionalFormatting() to get access to an instance of this class.

    To create a new Conditional Formatting set use the following approach:

     // Define a Conditional Formatting rule, which triggers formatting
     // when cell's value is greater or equal than 100.0 and
     // applies patternFormatting defined below.
     ConditionalFormattingRule rule = sheet.createConditionalFormattingRule(
         "100.0", // 1st formula
         null     // 2nd formula is not used for comparison operator GE
     // Create pattern with red background
     PatternFormatting patternFmt = rule.cretePatternFormatting();
     // Define a region containing first column
     Region [] regions =
         new Region(1,(short)1,-1,(short)1)
     // Apply Conditional Formatting rule defined above to the regions
     sheet.addConditionalFormatting(regions, rule);
    • Method Detail

      • getFormattingRanges

        CellRangeAddress[] getFormattingRanges()
        array of CellRangeAddresss. Never null
      • setFormattingRanges

        void setFormattingRanges​(CellRangeAddress[] ranges)
        Sets the cell ranges the rule conditional formatting must be applied to.
        ranges - non-null array of CellRangeAddresss
      • setRule

        void setRule​(int idx,
                     ConditionalFormattingRule cfRule)
        Replaces an existing Conditional Formatting rule at position idx. Excel pre-2007 allows to create up to 3 Conditional Formatting rules, 2007 and later allow unlimited numbers. This method can be useful to modify existing Conditional Formatting rules.
        idx - position of the rule. Should be between 0 and 2 for Excel before 2007, otherwise 0+.
        cfRule - - Conditional Formatting rule
      • addRule

        void addRule​(ConditionalFormattingRule cfRule)
        Add a Conditional Formatting rule. Excel pre-2007 allows to create up to 3 Conditional Formatting rules.
        cfRule - - Conditional Formatting rule
      • getNumberOfRules

        int getNumberOfRules()
        number of Conditional Formatting rules.