Class CellRangeAddress

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    public class CellRangeAddress
    extends CellRangeAddressBase
    See OOO documentation: excelfileformat.pdf sec 2.5.14 - 'Cell Range Address'

    In the Microsoft documentation, this is also known as a Ref8U - see page 831 of version 1.0 of the documentation. Note - SelectionRecord uses the BIFF5 version of this structure

    • Constructor Detail

      • CellRangeAddress

        public CellRangeAddress​(int firstRow,
                                int lastRow,
                                int firstCol,
                                int lastCol)
        Creates new cell range. Indexes are zero-based.
        firstRow - Index of first row
        lastRow - Index of last row (inclusive), must be equal to or larger than firstRow
        firstCol - Index of first column
        lastCol - Index of last column (inclusive), must be equal to or larger than firstCol
    • Method Detail

      • getEncodedSize

        public static int getEncodedSize​(int numberOfItems)
      • formatAsString

        public java.lang.String formatAsString()
        the text format of this range. Single cell ranges are formatted like single cell references (e.g. 'A1' instead of 'A1:A1').
      • formatAsString

        public java.lang.String formatAsString​(java.lang.String sheetName,
                                               boolean useAbsoluteAddress)
        the text format of this range using specified sheet name.
      • valueOf

        public static CellRangeAddress valueOf​(java.lang.String ref)
        Creates a CellRangeAddress from a cell range reference string.
        ref - usually a standard area ref (e.g. "B1:D8"). May be a single cell ref (e.g. "B5") in which case the result is a 1 x 1 cell range. May also be a whole row range (e.g. "3:5"), or a whole column range (e.g. "C:F")