Interface CreationHelper

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    HSSFCreationHelper, SXSSFCreationHelper, XSSFCreationHelper

    public interface CreationHelper
    An object that handles instantiating concrete classes of the various instances one needs for HSSF and XSSF. Works around a limitation in Java where we cannot have static methods on interfaces or abstract classes. This allows you to get the appropriate class for a given interface, without you having to worry about if you're dealing with HSSF or XSSF.
    • Method Detail

      • createRichTextString

        RichTextString createRichTextString​(String text)
        Creates a new RichTextString instance
        text - The text to initialise the RichTextString with
      • createDataFormat

        DataFormat createDataFormat()
        Creates a new DataFormat instance
      • createHyperlink

        Hyperlink createHyperlink​(HyperlinkType type)
        Creates a new Hyperlink, of the given type
      • createFormulaEvaluator

        FormulaEvaluator createFormulaEvaluator()
        Creates FormulaEvaluator - an object that evaluates formula cells.
        a FormulaEvaluator instance
      • createExtendedColor

        ExtendedColor createExtendedColor()
        Creates a XSSF-style Color object, used for extended sheet formattings and conditional formattings
      • createClientAnchor

        ClientAnchor createClientAnchor()
        Creates a ClientAnchor. Use this object to position drawing object in a sheet
        a ClientAnchor instance
        See Also:
      • createAreaReference

        AreaReference createAreaReference​(String reference)
        Creates an AreaReference.
        reference - cell reference
        an AreaReference instance
      • createAreaReference

        AreaReference createAreaReference​(CellReference topLeft,
                                          CellReference bottomRight)
        Creates an area ref from a pair of Cell References..
        topLeft - cell reference
        bottomRight - cell reference
        an AreaReference instance