Class RangeCopier

    • Constructor Detail

      • RangeCopier

        public RangeCopier​(Sheet sourceSheet,
                           Sheet destSheet)
      • RangeCopier

        public RangeCopier​(Sheet sheet)
    • Method Detail

      • copyRange

        public void copyRange​(CellRangeAddress tilePatternRange,
                              CellRangeAddress tileDestRange)
        Uses input pattern to tile destination region, overwriting existing content. Works in following manner : 1.Start from top-left of destination. 2.Paste source but only inside of destination borders. 3.If there is space left on right or bottom side of copy, process it as in step 2.
        tilePatternRange - source range which should be copied in tiled manner
        tileDestRange - destination range, which should be overridden
      • cloneCellContent

        public static void cloneCellContent​(Cell srcCell,
                                            Cell destCell,
                                            java.util.Map<java.lang.Integer,​CellStyle> styleMap)