Class BaseRowColShifter

    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseRowColShifter

        public BaseRowColShifter()
    • Method Detail

      • updateNamedRanges

        public abstract void updateNamedRanges​(FormulaShifter formulaShifter)
        Update named ranges
      • updateFormulas

        public abstract void updateFormulas​(FormulaShifter formulaShifter)
        Update formulas.
      • shiftMergedRegions

        public abstract java.util.List<CellRangeAddress> shiftMergedRegions​(int start,
                                                                            int end,
                                                                            int n)
        Shifts, grows, or shrinks the merged regions due to a row shift (RowShifter) or column shift (ColumnShifter). Merged regions that are completely overlaid by shifting will be deleted.
        start - the first row or column to be shifted
        end - the last row or column to be shifted
        n - the number of rows or columns to shift
        a list of affected merged regions, excluding contain deleted ones
      • updateConditionalFormatting

        public abstract void updateConditionalFormatting​(FormulaShifter formulaShifter)
        Update conditional formatting
        formulaShifter -
      • updateHyperlinks

        public abstract void updateHyperlinks​(FormulaShifter formulaShifter)
        Shift the Hyperlink anchors (not the hyperlink text, even if the hyperlink is of type LINK_DOCUMENT and refers to a cell that was shifted). Hyperlinks do not track the content they point to.
        formulaShifter - the formula shifting policy