Class XSLFObjectShape

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      • getProgId

        public java.lang.String getProgId()
        Description copied from interface: ObjectShape
        Returns the ProgID that stores the OLE Programmatic Identifier. A ProgID is a string that uniquely identifies a given object, for example, "Word.Document.8" or "Excel.Sheet.8".
        Specified by:
        getProgId in interface ObjectShape<XSLFShape,​XSLFTextParagraph>
        the ProgID
      • getFullName

        public java.lang.String getFullName()
        Description copied from interface: ObjectShape
        Returns the full name of the embedded object, e.g. "Microsoft Word Document" or "Microsoft Office Excel Worksheet".
        Specified by:
        getFullName in interface ObjectShape<XSLFShape,​XSLFTextParagraph>
        the full name of the embedded object
      • updateObjectData

        public updateObjectData​(ObjectMetaData.Application application,
                                                     ObjectMetaData metaData)
        Description copied from interface: ObjectShape
        Updates the ole data. If there wasn't an object registered before, a new ole embedding is registered in the parent slideshow.

        For HSLF this needs to be a POIFSFileSystem stream.

        Specified by:
        updateObjectData in interface ObjectShape<XSLFShape,​XSLFTextParagraph>
        application - a preset application enum
        metaData - or a custom metaData object, can be null if the application has been set
        an OutputStream which receives the new data, the data will be persisted on close()
        Throws: - if the linked object data couldn't be found or a new object data couldn't be initialized