Class ExternalLinksTable

  • public class ExternalLinksTable
    extends POIXMLDocumentPart
    Holds details of links to parts of other workbooks (eg named ranges), along with the most recently seen values for what they point to.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ExternalLinksTable

        public ExternalLinksTable()
    • Method Detail

      • getCTExternalLink

        public CTExternalLink getCTExternalLink()
        Returns the underlying xmlbeans object for the external link table
      • getLinkedFileName

        public String getLinkedFileName()
        Returns the last recorded name of the file that this is linked to
      • setLinkedFileName

        public void setLinkedFileName​(String target)
        Updates the last recorded name for the file that this links to
      • getSheetNames

        public List<String> getSheetNames()
      • getDefinedNames

        public List<Name> getDefinedNames()