Class MapInfo

  • public class MapInfo
    extends POIXMLDocumentPart
    This class implements the Custom XML Mapping Part (Open Office XML Part 1: chapter 12.3.6) An instance of this part type contains a schema for an XML file, and information on the behavior that is used when allowing this custom XML schema to be mapped into the spreadsheet.
    • Method Detail

      • getWorkbook

        public XSSFWorkbook getWorkbook()
        Returns the parent XSSFWorkbook
        the parent XSSFWorkbook
      • getCTMapInfo

        public CTMapInfo getCTMapInfo()
        the internal data object
      • getCTSchemaById

        public CTSchema getCTSchemaById​(String schemaId)
        Gets the
        schemaId - the schema ID
        CTSchema by it's ID
      • getXSSFMapById

        public XSSFMap getXSSFMapById​(int id)
      • getXSSFMapByName

        public XSSFMap getXSSFMapByName​(String name)
      • getAllXSSFMaps

        public Collection<XSSFMap> getAllXSSFMaps()
        all the mappings configured in this document