Class XSSFMap

  • public class XSSFMap
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class implements the Map element (Open Office XML Part 4: chapter 3.16.2)

    This element contains all of the properties related to the XML map, and the behaviors expected during data refresh operations.

    • Constructor Detail

      • XSSFMap

        public XSSFMap​(CTMap ctMap,
                       MapInfo mapInfo)
    • Method Detail

      • getSchema

        public org.w3c.dom.Node getSchema()
      • getRelatedSingleXMLCell

        public java.util.List<XSSFSingleXmlCell> getRelatedSingleXMLCell()
        the list of Single Xml Cells that provide a map rule to this mapping.
      • getRelatedTables

        public java.util.List<XSSFTable> getRelatedTables()
        the list of all Tables that provide a map rule to this mapping