Interface Sitemap

  • @ProviderType
    public interface Sitemap
    A builder-like object that allows to add locations. For each added location an Url object is returned which again allows to add more details to the added location.

    Implementations may build an in-memory data structure when addUrl(String) is called, or write each location on an underlying stream immediately.

    • Method Detail

      • addUrl

        @NotNull Url addUrl​(@NotNull
                            @NotNull java.lang.String location)
                     throws SitemapException
        Adds a location to the Sitemap. The returned Url can be used to add more details to the so created object.
        location - the required location of the entry to add.
        an Url object giving access to the location's details
        SitemapException - if any internal operation of the Sitemap fails