Interface GDurationSpecification

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    GDuration, GDurationBuilder

    public interface GDurationSpecification
    Represents an XML Schema-compatible duration.

    Both the immutable GDuration and the mutable GDurationBuilder are GDurationSpecifications. Use this interface where you want to allow callers to pass any implementation of a GDuration.

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    • Method Detail

      • isImmutable

        boolean isImmutable()
        True if this instance is immutable.
      • getSign

        int getSign()
        Returns the sign of the duration: +1 is forwards and -1 is backwards in time.
      • getYear

        int getYear()
        Gets the year component.
      • getMonth

        int getMonth()
        Gets the month-of-year component.
      • getDay

        int getDay()
        Gets the day-of-month component.
      • getHour

        int getHour()
        Gets the hour-of-day component.
      • getMinute

        int getMinute()
        Gets the minute-of-hour component.
      • getSecond

        int getSecond()
        Gets the second-of-minute component.
      • getFraction

        BigDecimal getFraction()
        Gets the fraction-of-second. Range from 0 (inclusive) to 1 (exclusive).
      • isValid

        boolean isValid()
        Returns true if all of the individual components of the duration are nonnegative.
      • compareToGDuration

        int compareToGDuration​(GDurationSpecification duration)
        Comparison to another GDuration.
        • Returns -1 if this < duration. (less-than)
        • Returns 0 if this == duration. (equal)
        • Returns 1 if this > duration. (greater-than)
        • Returns 2 if this <> duration. (incomparable)
        Two instances are incomparable if they have different amounts of information.