Class XmlCursor.TokenType

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static final class XmlCursor.TokenType
    extends Object
    An enumeration that identifies the type of an XML token.
    • Method Detail

      • intValue

        public int intValue()
        Returns one of the INT_ values defined in this class.
      • isNone

        public boolean isNone()
        True if no token.
      • isStartdoc

        public boolean isStartdoc()
        True if is start-document token.
      • isEnddoc

        public boolean isEnddoc()
        True if is end-document token.
      • isStart

        public boolean isStart()
        True if is start-element token.
      • isEnd

        public boolean isEnd()
        True if is end-element token.
      • isText

        public boolean isText()
        True if is text token.
      • isAttr

        public boolean isAttr()
        True if is attribute token.
      • isNamespace

        public boolean isNamespace()
        True if is namespace declaration token.
      • isComment

        public boolean isComment()
        True if is comment token.
      • isProcinst

        public boolean isProcinst()
        True if is processing instruction token.
      • isContainer

        public boolean isContainer()
        True if is start-document or start-element token
      • isFinish

        public boolean isFinish()
        True if is end-document or end-element token
      • isAnyAttr

        public boolean isAnyAttr()
        True if is attribute or namespace declaration token