Interface StartElement

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    public interface StartElement
    extends XMLEvent
    The StartElement interface provides access to information about start elements
    Weblogic XML Input Stream 1.0
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    • Method Detail

      • getAttributes

        AttributeIterator getAttributes()
        Returns an AttributeIterator of non-namespace declared attributes
      • getNamespaces

        AttributeIterator getNamespaces()
        Returns an AttributeIterator of namespaces declared in this element
      • getAttributesAndNamespaces

        AttributeIterator getAttributesAndNamespaces()
        Returns the union of declared attributes and namespaces
      • getAttributeByName

        Attribute getAttributeByName​(XMLName name)
        Returns the attribute referred to by this name
      • getNamespaceUri

        java.lang.String getNamespaceUri​(java.lang.String prefix)
        Gets the value that the prefix is bound to in the context of this element. Returns null if the prefix is not bound in this context
      • getNamespaceMap

        java.util.Map getNamespaceMap()
        Gets a java.util.Map from prefixes to URIs in scope for this element.