Class Credential

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    Credential.Crypt, Credential.MD5, Password

    public abstract class Credential
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
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    Credentials. The Credential class represents an abstract mechanism for checking authentication credentials. A credential instance either represents a secret, or some data that could only be derived from knowing the secret.

    Often a Credential is related to a Password via a one way algorithm, so while a Password itself is a Credential, a UnixCrypt or MD5 digest of a a password is only a credential that can be checked against the password.

    This class includes an implementation for unix Crypt an MD5 digest.

    See Also:
    Password, Serialized Form
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      • Credential

        public Credential()
    • Method Detail

      • check

        public abstract boolean check​(Object credentials)
        Check a credential
        credentials - The credential to check against. This may either be another Credential object, a Password object or a String which is interpreted by this credential.
        True if the credentials indicated that the shared secret is known to both this Credential and the passed credential.
      • getCredential

        public static Credential getCredential​(String credential)
        Get a credential from a String. If the credential String starts with a known Credential type (eg "CRYPT:" or "MD5:" ) then a Credential of that type is returned. Otherwise, it tries to find a credential provider whose prefix matches with the start of the credential String. Else the credential is assumed to be a Password.
        credential - String representation of the credential
        A Credential or Password instance.