Class SslContextFactory.Server

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      • Server

        public Server()
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      • isSniRequired

        @ManagedAttribute("Whether the TLS handshake is rejected if there is no SNI host match")
        public boolean isSniRequired()

        Returns whether an SNI match is required when choosing the alias that identifies the certificate to send to the client.

        The exact logic to choose an alias given the SNI is configurable via setSNISelector(SniX509ExtendedKeyManager.SniSelector).

        The default implementation is sniSelect(String, Principal[], SSLSession, String, Collection) and if SNI is not required it will delegate the TLS implementation to choose an alias (typically the first alias in the KeyStore).

        Note that if a non SNI handshake is accepted, requests may still be rejected at the HTTP level for incorrect SNI (see SecureRequestCustomizer).

        whether an SNI match is required when choosing the alias that identifies the certificate
      • setSNISelector

        public void setSNISelector​(SniX509ExtendedKeyManager.SniSelector sniSelector)

        Sets a custom function to select certificates based on SNI information.

        sniSelector - the selection function
      • sniSelect

        public String sniSelect​(String keyType,
                                Principal[] issuers,
                                SSLSession session,
                                String sniHost,
                                Collection<X509> certificates)
        Description copied from interface: SniX509ExtendedKeyManager.SniSelector

        Selects a certificate based on SNI information.

        This method may be invoked multiple times during the TLS handshake, with different parameters. For example, the keyType could be different, and subsequently the collection of certificates (because they need to match the keyType).

        Specified by:
        sniSelect in interface SniX509ExtendedKeyManager.SniSelector
        keyType - the key algorithm type name
        issuers - the list of acceptable CA issuer subject names or null if it does not matter which issuers are used
        session - the TLS handshake session or null if not known.
        sniHost - the server name indication sent by the client, or null if the client did not send the server name indication
        certificates - the list of certificates matching keyType and issuers known to this SslContextFactory
        the alias of the certificate to return to the client, from the certificates list, or SniX509ExtendedKeyManager.SniSelector.DELEGATE if the certificate choice should be delegated to the nested key manager or null for no match.