Interface GrammarSection<P extends ParsedPattern,​E extends ParsedElementAnnotation,​L extends Location,​A extends Annotations<E,​L,​CL>,​CL extends CommentList<L>>

    • Method Detail

      • define

        void define​(java.lang.String name,
                    GrammarSection.Combine combine,
                    P pattern,
                    L loc,
                    A anno)
             throws BuildException
        Called when a pattern is defined.
        name - Name of the pattern. For the definition by a <start/> element, this parameter is the same as START. to test if it's a named pattern definition or the start pattern definition.
        combine - null or COMBINE_CHOICE or COMBINE_INTERLEAVE depending on the value of the combine attribute.
        pattern - The pattern to be defined.
      • makeDiv

        Div<P,​E,​L,​A,​CL> makeDiv()
        Called when <div> is found.
        the returned Div object will receive callbacks for structures inside the <div> element.
      • makeInclude

        Include<P,​E,​L,​A,​CL> makeInclude()
        Returns null if already in an include.