Class ClassCache

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    public class ClassCache
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    Cache of generated classes and data structures to access Java runtime from JavaScript.
    Rhino 1.5 Release 5
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    Serialized Form
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      • ClassCache

        public ClassCache()
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      • associate

        public boolean associate​(ScriptableObject topScope)
        Associate ClassCache object with the given top-level scope. The ClassCache object can only be associated with the given scope once.
        topScope - scope to associate this ClassCache object with.
        true if no previous ClassCache objects were embedded into the scope and this ClassCache were successfully associated or false otherwise.
        See Also:
        get(Scriptable scope)
      • clearCaches

        public void clearCaches()
        Empty caches of generated Java classes and Java reflection information.
      • isCachingEnabled

        public final boolean isCachingEnabled()
        Check if generated Java classes and Java reflection information is cached.
      • setCachingEnabled

        public void setCachingEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        Set whether to cache some values.

        By default, the engine will cache the results of Class.getMethods() and similar calls. This can speed execution dramatically, but increases the memory footprint. Also, with caching enabled, references may be held to objects past the lifetime of any real usage.

        If caching is enabled and this method is called with a false argument, the caches will be emptied.

        Caching is enabled by default.

        enabled - if true, caching is enabled
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      • setInvokerOptimizationEnabled

        public void setInvokerOptimizationEnabled​(boolean enabled)
        The method does nothing. Invoker optimization is no longer used by Rhino. On modern JDK like 1.4 or 1.5 the disadvantages of the optimization like increased memory usage or longer initialization time overweight small speed increase that can be gained using generated proxy class to replace reflection.
      • newClassSerialNumber

        public final int newClassSerialNumber()
        Internal engine method to return serial number for generated classes to ensure name uniqueness.