Class NativeFunction

    • Constructor Detail

      • NativeFunction

        public NativeFunction()
    • Method Detail

      • initScriptFunction

        public final void initScriptFunction​(Context cx,
                                             Scriptable scope)
      • getEncodedSource

        public String getEncodedSource()
        Get encoded source string.
      • resumeGenerator

        public Object resumeGenerator​(Context cx,
                                      Scriptable scope,
                                      int operation,
                                      Object state,
                                      Object value)
        Resume execution of a suspended generator.
        cx - The current context
        scope - Scope for the parent generator function
        operation - The resumption operation (next, send, etc.. )
        state - The generator state (has locals, stack, etc.)
        value - The return value of yield (if required).
        The next yielded value (if any)