Interface DebuggableScript

  • public interface DebuggableScript
    This interface exposes debugging information from executable code (either functions or top-level scripts).
    • Method Detail

      • isTopLevel

        boolean isTopLevel()
      • isFunction

        boolean isFunction()
        Returns true if this is a function, false if it is a script.
      • getFunctionName

        String getFunctionName()
        Get name of the function described by this script. Return null or an empty string if this script is not a function.
      • getParamAndVarCount

        int getParamAndVarCount()
        Get number of declared parameters and local variables. Return number of declared global variables if this script is not a function.
        See Also:
        getParamCount(), getParamOrVarName(int index)
      • getParamOrVarName

        String getParamOrVarName​(int index)
        Get name of a declared parameter or local variable. index should be less then getParamAndVarCount(). If index < getParamCount(), return the name of the corresponding parameter, otherwise return the name of variable. If this script is not function, return the name of the declared global variable.
      • getSourceName

        String getSourceName()
        Get the name of the source (usually filename or URL) of the script.
      • isGeneratedScript

        boolean isGeneratedScript()
        Returns true if this script or function were runtime-generated from JavaScript using eval function or Function or Script constructors.
      • getLineNumbers

        int[] getLineNumbers()
        Get array containing the line numbers that that can be passed to DebugFrame.onLineChange(). Note that line order in the resulting array is arbitrary
      • getFunctionCount

        int getFunctionCount()