Interface CTStyle

  • All Superinterfaces:
    XmlObject, XmlTokenSource

    public interface CTStyle
    extends XmlObject
    An XML CT_Style(@ This is a complex type.
    • Method Detail

      • getName

        CTString getName()
        Gets the "name" element
      • isSetName

        boolean isSetName()
        True if has "name" element
      • setName

        void setName​(CTString name)
        Sets the "name" element
      • addNewName

        CTString addNewName()
        Appends and returns a new empty "name" element
      • unsetName

        void unsetName()
        Unsets the "name" element
      • getAliases

        CTString getAliases()
        Gets the "aliases" element
      • isSetAliases

        boolean isSetAliases()
        True if has "aliases" element
      • setAliases

        void setAliases​(CTString aliases)
        Sets the "aliases" element
      • addNewAliases

        CTString addNewAliases()
        Appends and returns a new empty "aliases" element
      • unsetAliases

        void unsetAliases()
        Unsets the "aliases" element
      • getBasedOn

        CTString getBasedOn()
        Gets the "basedOn" element
      • isSetBasedOn

        boolean isSetBasedOn()
        True if has "basedOn" element
      • setBasedOn

        void setBasedOn​(CTString basedOn)
        Sets the "basedOn" element
      • addNewBasedOn

        CTString addNewBasedOn()
        Appends and returns a new empty "basedOn" element
      • unsetBasedOn

        void unsetBasedOn()
        Unsets the "basedOn" element
      • getNext

        CTString getNext()
        Gets the "next" element
      • isSetNext

        boolean isSetNext()
        True if has "next" element
      • setNext

        void setNext​(CTString next)
        Sets the "next" element
      • addNewNext

        CTString addNewNext()
        Appends and returns a new empty "next" element
      • unsetNext

        void unsetNext()
        Unsets the "next" element
      • getLink

        CTString getLink()
        Gets the "link" element
      • isSetLink

        boolean isSetLink()
        True if has "link" element
      • setLink

        void setLink​(CTString link)
        Sets the "link" element
      • addNewLink

        CTString addNewLink()
        Appends and returns a new empty "link" element
      • unsetLink

        void unsetLink()
        Unsets the "link" element
      • getAutoRedefine

        CTOnOff getAutoRedefine()
        Gets the "autoRedefine" element
      • isSetAutoRedefine

        boolean isSetAutoRedefine()
        True if has "autoRedefine" element
      • setAutoRedefine

        void setAutoRedefine​(CTOnOff autoRedefine)
        Sets the "autoRedefine" element
      • addNewAutoRedefine

        CTOnOff addNewAutoRedefine()
        Appends and returns a new empty "autoRedefine" element
      • unsetAutoRedefine

        void unsetAutoRedefine()
        Unsets the "autoRedefine" element
      • getHidden

        CTOnOff getHidden()
        Gets the "hidden" element
      • isSetHidden

        boolean isSetHidden()
        True if has "hidden" element
      • setHidden

        void setHidden​(CTOnOff hidden)
        Sets the "hidden" element
      • addNewHidden

        CTOnOff addNewHidden()
        Appends and returns a new empty "hidden" element
      • unsetHidden

        void unsetHidden()
        Unsets the "hidden" element
      • getUiPriority

        CTDecimalNumber getUiPriority()
        Gets the "uiPriority" element
      • isSetUiPriority

        boolean isSetUiPriority()
        True if has "uiPriority" element
      • setUiPriority

        void setUiPriority​(CTDecimalNumber uiPriority)
        Sets the "uiPriority" element
      • addNewUiPriority

        CTDecimalNumber addNewUiPriority()
        Appends and returns a new empty "uiPriority" element
      • unsetUiPriority

        void unsetUiPriority()
        Unsets the "uiPriority" element
      • getSemiHidden

        CTOnOff getSemiHidden()
        Gets the "semiHidden" element
      • isSetSemiHidden

        boolean isSetSemiHidden()
        True if has "semiHidden" element
      • setSemiHidden

        void setSemiHidden​(CTOnOff semiHidden)
        Sets the "semiHidden" element
      • addNewSemiHidden

        CTOnOff addNewSemiHidden()
        Appends and returns a new empty "semiHidden" element
      • unsetSemiHidden

        void unsetSemiHidden()
        Unsets the "semiHidden" element
      • getUnhideWhenUsed

        CTOnOff getUnhideWhenUsed()
        Gets the "unhideWhenUsed" element
      • isSetUnhideWhenUsed

        boolean isSetUnhideWhenUsed()
        True if has "unhideWhenUsed" element
      • setUnhideWhenUsed

        void setUnhideWhenUsed​(CTOnOff unhideWhenUsed)
        Sets the "unhideWhenUsed" element
      • addNewUnhideWhenUsed

        CTOnOff addNewUnhideWhenUsed()
        Appends and returns a new empty "unhideWhenUsed" element
      • unsetUnhideWhenUsed

        void unsetUnhideWhenUsed()
        Unsets the "unhideWhenUsed" element
      • getQFormat

        CTOnOff getQFormat()
        Gets the "qFormat" element
      • isSetQFormat

        boolean isSetQFormat()
        True if has "qFormat" element
      • setQFormat

        void setQFormat​(CTOnOff qFormat)
        Sets the "qFormat" element
      • addNewQFormat

        CTOnOff addNewQFormat()
        Appends and returns a new empty "qFormat" element
      • unsetQFormat

        void unsetQFormat()
        Unsets the "qFormat" element
      • getLocked

        CTOnOff getLocked()
        Gets the "locked" element
      • isSetLocked

        boolean isSetLocked()
        True if has "locked" element
      • setLocked

        void setLocked​(CTOnOff locked)
        Sets the "locked" element
      • addNewLocked

        CTOnOff addNewLocked()
        Appends and returns a new empty "locked" element
      • unsetLocked

        void unsetLocked()
        Unsets the "locked" element
      • getPersonal

        CTOnOff getPersonal()
        Gets the "personal" element
      • isSetPersonal

        boolean isSetPersonal()
        True if has "personal" element
      • setPersonal

        void setPersonal​(CTOnOff personal)
        Sets the "personal" element
      • addNewPersonal

        CTOnOff addNewPersonal()
        Appends and returns a new empty "personal" element
      • unsetPersonal

        void unsetPersonal()
        Unsets the "personal" element
      • getPersonalCompose

        CTOnOff getPersonalCompose()
        Gets the "personalCompose" element
      • isSetPersonalCompose

        boolean isSetPersonalCompose()
        True if has "personalCompose" element
      • setPersonalCompose

        void setPersonalCompose​(CTOnOff personalCompose)
        Sets the "personalCompose" element
      • addNewPersonalCompose

        CTOnOff addNewPersonalCompose()
        Appends and returns a new empty "personalCompose" element
      • unsetPersonalCompose

        void unsetPersonalCompose()
        Unsets the "personalCompose" element
      • getPersonalReply

        CTOnOff getPersonalReply()
        Gets the "personalReply" element
      • isSetPersonalReply

        boolean isSetPersonalReply()
        True if has "personalReply" element
      • setPersonalReply

        void setPersonalReply​(CTOnOff personalReply)
        Sets the "personalReply" element
      • addNewPersonalReply

        CTOnOff addNewPersonalReply()
        Appends and returns a new empty "personalReply" element
      • unsetPersonalReply

        void unsetPersonalReply()
        Unsets the "personalReply" element
      • isSetRsid

        boolean isSetRsid()
        True if has "rsid" element
      • addNewRsid

        CTLongHexNumber addNewRsid()
        Appends and returns a new empty "rsid" element
      • unsetRsid

        void unsetRsid()
        Unsets the "rsid" element
      • getPPr

        CTPPr getPPr()
        Gets the "pPr" element
      • isSetPPr

        boolean isSetPPr()
        True if has "pPr" element
      • setPPr

        void setPPr​(CTPPr pPr)
        Sets the "pPr" element
      • addNewPPr

        CTPPr addNewPPr()
        Appends and returns a new empty "pPr" element
      • unsetPPr

        void unsetPPr()
        Unsets the "pPr" element
      • getRPr

        CTRPr getRPr()
        Gets the "rPr" element
      • isSetRPr

        boolean isSetRPr()
        True if has "rPr" element
      • setRPr

        void setRPr​(CTRPr rPr)
        Sets the "rPr" element
      • addNewRPr

        CTRPr addNewRPr()
        Appends and returns a new empty "rPr" element
      • unsetRPr

        void unsetRPr()
        Unsets the "rPr" element
      • getTblPr

        CTTblPrBase getTblPr()
        Gets the "tblPr" element
      • isSetTblPr

        boolean isSetTblPr()
        True if has "tblPr" element
      • setTblPr

        void setTblPr​(CTTblPrBase tblPr)
        Sets the "tblPr" element
      • addNewTblPr

        CTTblPrBase addNewTblPr()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tblPr" element
      • unsetTblPr

        void unsetTblPr()
        Unsets the "tblPr" element
      • getTrPr

        CTTrPr getTrPr()
        Gets the "trPr" element
      • isSetTrPr

        boolean isSetTrPr()
        True if has "trPr" element
      • setTrPr

        void setTrPr​(CTTrPr trPr)
        Sets the "trPr" element
      • addNewTrPr

        CTTrPr addNewTrPr()
        Appends and returns a new empty "trPr" element
      • unsetTrPr

        void unsetTrPr()
        Unsets the "trPr" element
      • getTcPr

        CTTcPr getTcPr()
        Gets the "tcPr" element
      • isSetTcPr

        boolean isSetTcPr()
        True if has "tcPr" element
      • setTcPr

        void setTcPr​(CTTcPr tcPr)
        Sets the "tcPr" element
      • addNewTcPr

        CTTcPr addNewTcPr()
        Appends and returns a new empty "tcPr" element
      • unsetTcPr

        void unsetTcPr()
        Unsets the "tcPr" element
      • getTblStylePrList

        List<CTTblStylePr> getTblStylePrList()
        Gets a List of "tblStylePr" elements
      • getTblStylePrArray

        CTTblStylePr[] getTblStylePrArray()
        Gets array of all "tblStylePr" elements
      • getTblStylePrArray

        CTTblStylePr getTblStylePrArray​(int i)
        Gets ith "tblStylePr" element
      • sizeOfTblStylePrArray

        int sizeOfTblStylePrArray()
        Returns number of "tblStylePr" element
      • setTblStylePrArray

        void setTblStylePrArray​(CTTblStylePr[] tblStylePrArray)
        Sets array of all "tblStylePr" element
      • setTblStylePrArray

        void setTblStylePrArray​(int i,
                                CTTblStylePr tblStylePr)
        Sets ith "tblStylePr" element
      • insertNewTblStylePr

        CTTblStylePr insertNewTblStylePr​(int i)
        Inserts and returns a new empty value (as xml) as the ith "tblStylePr" element
      • addNewTblStylePr

        CTTblStylePr addNewTblStylePr()
        Appends and returns a new empty value (as xml) as the last "tblStylePr" element
      • removeTblStylePr

        void removeTblStylePr​(int i)
        Removes the ith "tblStylePr" element
      • xgetType

        STStyleType xgetType()
        Gets (as xml) the "type" attribute
      • isSetType

        boolean isSetType()
        True if has "type" attribute
      • xsetType

        void xsetType​(STStyleType type)
        Sets (as xml) the "type" attribute
      • unsetType

        void unsetType()
        Unsets the "type" attribute
      • getStyleId

        String getStyleId()
        Gets the "styleId" attribute
      • xgetStyleId

        STString xgetStyleId()
        Gets (as xml) the "styleId" attribute
      • isSetStyleId

        boolean isSetStyleId()
        True if has "styleId" attribute
      • setStyleId

        void setStyleId​(String styleId)
        Sets the "styleId" attribute
      • xsetStyleId

        void xsetStyleId​(STString styleId)
        Sets (as xml) the "styleId" attribute
      • unsetStyleId

        void unsetStyleId()
        Unsets the "styleId" attribute
      • getDefault

        STOnOff.Enum getDefault()
        Gets the "default" attribute
      • xgetDefault

        STOnOff xgetDefault()
        Gets (as xml) the "default" attribute
      • isSetDefault

        boolean isSetDefault()
        True if has "default" attribute
      • setDefault

        void setDefault​(STOnOff.Enum xdefault)
        Sets the "default" attribute
      • xsetDefault

        void xsetDefault​(STOnOff xdefault)
        Sets (as xml) the "default" attribute
      • unsetDefault

        void unsetDefault()
        Unsets the "default" attribute
      • getCustomStyle

        STOnOff.Enum getCustomStyle()
        Gets the "customStyle" attribute
      • xgetCustomStyle

        STOnOff xgetCustomStyle()
        Gets (as xml) the "customStyle" attribute
      • isSetCustomStyle

        boolean isSetCustomStyle()
        True if has "customStyle" attribute
      • setCustomStyle

        void setCustomStyle​(STOnOff.Enum customStyle)
        Sets the "customStyle" attribute
      • xsetCustomStyle

        void xsetCustomStyle​(STOnOff customStyle)
        Sets (as xml) the "customStyle" attribute
      • unsetCustomStyle

        void unsetCustomStyle()
        Unsets the "customStyle" attribute