Interface ConnectFrameworkFactory

  • @ProviderType
    public interface ConnectFrameworkFactory
    A factory for creating Framework instances.

    If a framework supports ModuleConnector, then the implementation jar must contain the following resource:

    This UTF-8 encoded resource must contain the name of the framework implementation's ConnectFrameworkFactory implementation class. Space and tab characters, including blank lines, in the resource must be ignored. The number sign ('#' \u0023) and all characters following it on each line are a comment and must be ignored.

    Launchers can find the name of the ConnectFrameworkFactory implementation class in the resource and then load and construct a ConnectFrameworkFactory object for the framework implementation. The ConnectFrameworkFactory implementation class must have a public, no-argument constructor. Java™ SE 6 introduced the ServiceLoader class which can create a ConnectFrameworkFactory instance from the resource.

    • Method Detail

      • newFramework

        Framework newFramework​(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> configuration,
                               ModuleConnector moduleConnector)
        Create a new Framework instance using the specified module connector.
        configuration - The framework properties to configure the new framework instance. If framework properties are not provided by the configuration argument, the created framework instance must use some reasonable default configuration appropriate for the current VM. For example, the system packages for the current execution environment should be properly exported. The specified configuration argument may be null. The created framework instance must copy any information needed from the specified configuration argument since the configuration argument can be changed after the framework instance has been created.
        moduleConnector - The module connector that the new framework instance will use. The specified module connector argument may be null.
        A new, configured Framework instance. The framework instance must be in the Bundle.INSTALLED state.
        java.lang.SecurityException - If the caller does not have AllPermission, and the Java Runtime Environment supports permissions.
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