Interface ModuleConnector

  • @ConsumerType
    public interface ModuleConnector
    A ModuleConnector provides connections to instances of ConnectModule that are used by a Framework instance to connect installed bundles locations with content provided by the ModuleConnector.

    This allows a ModuleConnector to provide content and classes for a connected bundle installed in the Framework. A ModuleConnector is provided when creating a framework instance. Because a ModuleConnector instance can participate in the initialization of the Framework and the life cycle of a Framework instance the ModuleConnector instance should only be used with a single Framework instance at a time.

    • Method Detail

      • initialize

        void initialize​( storage,
                        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.String> configuration)
        Initializes this ModuleConnector with the framework persistent storage file and framework properties configured for a Framework instance.

        This method is called once by a Framework instance and is called before any other methods on this module connector are called.

        storage - The persistent storage area used by the Framework or null if the platform does not have file system support.
        configuration - An unmodifiable map of framework configuration properties that were used to configure the new framework instance.
      • connect

        java.util.Optional<ConnectModule> connect​(java.lang.String location)
                                           throws BundleException
        Connects a bundle location with a ConnectModule.

        When the result is empty, then the framework must handle reading the content of the bundle itself. Otherwise, the returned ConnectModule must be used by the framework to access the content of the bundle.

        location - The bundle location used to install a bundle.
        An Optional containing the ConnectModule for the specified bundle location, or an empty Optional if the framework must handle reading the content of the bundle itself.
        BundleException - If the location cannot be handled.
      • newBundleActivator

        java.util.Optional<BundleActivator> newBundleActivator()
        Creates a new activator for this ModuleConnector.

        This method is called by the framework during framework initialization. Returning an activator allows this ModuleConnector to participate in the framework life cycle. If an activator is returned:

        • The framework will call the activator's start method prior to activating any extension bundles.
        • The framework will call the activator's stop method after deactivating any extension bundles.
        An Optional containing a new BundleActivator for this ModuleConnector, or an empty Optional if no BundleActivator is necessary.