Interface ComponentFactory<S>

  • Type Parameters:
    S - Type of Service

    public interface ComponentFactory<S>
    When a component is declared with the factory attribute on its component element, Service Component Runtime will register a Component Factory service to allow new component configurations to be created and activated rather than automatically creating and activating component configuration as necessary.
    • Method Detail

      • newInstance

        ComponentInstance<S> newInstance​(java.util.Dictionary<java.lang.String,​?> properties)
        Create and activate a new component configuration. Additional properties may be provided for the component configuration.
        properties - Additional properties for the component configuration or null if there are no additional properties.
        A ComponentInstance object encapsulating the component instance of the component configuration. The component configuration has been activated and, if the component specifies a service element, the component instance has been registered as a service.
        ComponentException - If Service Component Runtime is unable to activate the component configuration.