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Packages that use EventListener
javax.jcr.observation Provides interfaces and classes for content repository event observation functionality. 

Uses of EventListener in javax.jcr.observation

Methods in javax.jcr.observation that return EventListener
 EventListener EventListenerIterator.nextEventListener()
          Returns the next EventListener in the iteration.

Methods in javax.jcr.observation with parameters of type EventListener
 void ObservationManager.addEventListener(EventListener listener, int eventTypes, java.lang.String absPath, boolean isDeep, java.lang.String[] uuid, java.lang.String[] nodeTypeName, boolean noLocal)
          Adds an event listener that listens for the specified eventTypes (a combination of one or more event types encoded as a bit mask value).
 void ObservationManager.removeEventListener(EventListener listener)
          Deregisters an event listener.

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