Interface EventJournal

All Superinterfaces:
EventIterator, java.util.Iterator, RangeIterator

public interface EventJournal
extends EventIterator

An EventJournal is an extension of EventIterator that provides the additional method skipTo(long).

JCR 2.0

Method Summary
 void skipTo(long date)
          Skip all elements of the iterator earlier than date.
Methods inherited from interface javax.jcr.observation.EventIterator
Methods inherited from interface javax.jcr.RangeIterator
getPosition, getSize, skip
Methods inherited from interface java.util.Iterator
hasNext, next, remove

Method Detail


void skipTo(long date)
Skip all elements of the iterator earlier than date.

If an attempt is made to skip past the last element of the iterator, no exception is thrown but the subsequent EventIterator.nextEvent() will fail.

date - a long value that represents an offset in milliseconds from the Epoch, January 1, 1970 00:00:00.000 GMT (Gregorian).

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