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Designing a plugin experience

These guidelines will help you define the best user experience for your plugin. Based on your users workflow and the plugin action, different UX and UI patterns should be considered as you create a plugin.

Plugins can interact with the user at different levels, for example, some plugins will have quick actions which in some use cases won’t render UI, and some will include multiple actions that need UI.

Plugins in XD#

Learn more about the types of Adobe XD plugins you can build.

Plugin entry points and UI

Plugins PanelModal Dialog
Non-Blocking UI - this surface is best used when the user should have access to the canvas while using the plugin.Blocking UI - this surface is best used when the plugin needs to run an action and the user shouldn’t modify or change selection of objects on the canvas.

UX Patterns#

User Experience patterns will provide guidence on how to interact with your plugin users within XD, this will highlight UX requirements and best practices.

View UX Patterns

User Interface#

UI Resources will have information on UI components, examples and a sticker sheet you can use to build your plugin

View User Interface

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