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XMP namespace definitions

The XMP namespaces define a set of properties. In any given XMP Packet, a property may be absent or present.For any given XMP, there is no requirement that all properties from a given namespace must be present. For structured properties, there is no requirement that all fields be present (unless otherwise specified by a namespace).

XMP metadata may include properties from one or more of the namespaces. For example, a typical subset used by many Adobe applications might include the following:

  • Dublin Core namespace: dc:title, dc:creator, dc:description, dc:subject, dc:format, dc:rights
  • XMP basic namespace: xmp:CreateDate, xmp:CreatorTool, xmp:ModifyDate, xmp:MetadataDate
  • XMP rights management namespace: xmpRights:WebStatement, xmpRights:Marked
  • XMP media management namespace: xmpMM:DocumentID

XMP defines namespaces into two catagories:

  1. XMP standard namespaces, provides namespace definitions for standard general-purpose namespaces.
  2. Specialized Namespaces, provides namespace definitions for namespaces that are specialized for Adobe applications or usages

XMP Standard Namespaces#

XMP Specialized Namespaces#

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