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What are Creative Cloud Libraries?

Before you start, it's worth quickly orienting yourself to Creative Cloud Libraries.

Creative Cloud Libraries are accessible across all of Adobe's tools and offer a powerful way to organize logos, colors, and other assets so they can be easily re-used and accessed. Using the API, you can let Creative Cloud users access their Libraries and add new content to their Libraries right from within your products and services.

Creative Cloud Libraries are made up of elements that represent different asset types. Examples of elements include Graphics, Character Styles, Colors, and many more. Each element contains the information that represents that asset, which is different for each element type, as well as a thumbnail to represent the asset and some other metadata.

Elements in a Library can be organized by type or by groups, which are defined by the user and are tied to a given Library.

Libraries are primarily associated with a single user, the owner, and are considered private. But users may have access to Shared Libraries (incoming), they may have shared Libraries they own (outgoing), or be following a Public Library (public). All types of Libraries can be accessed via the API.

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