Adobe Commerce Extensibility Code Samples

The Adobe Commerce Extensibility Code Samples collection consists of code samples that demonstrate common extensibility use cases for Adobe Commerce. Each sample has documentation and extensive comments, so developers can learn the way they want to - directly from the code!

Code samples repository

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What this project is

This project is a reference for developers to learn how to extend and integrate Adobe Commerce. The code showcases concepts, so some code samples demonstrate theoretical use cases without a concrete real-world scenario.

What this project isn't

The code in the project is not confirmed to be production-ready code and should not be used without modification in production environments. These samples have not been tested for security, performance, or other best practices.

How to use it

The code and comments are designed to be self-explanatory and developers can use these samples to learn the associated concepts. When deploying code from this project, ensure it is only used in development environments.

Admin UI Extensibility

Extend the Commerce admin UI to build custom menus or pages.


Customize native processes like “add-to-cart” and “checkout” with custom logic.

API Mesh

Orchestrate multiple APIs from Adobe Commerce and 3rd party services.


Build event-driven integrations with Adobe Commerce.