Class CosObject

    • Method Detail

      • getType

        public abstract int getType()
        return which of the concrete subtypes of CosObject we are
        one of the t_Mumble static final int values defined above
      • isIndirect

        public boolean isIndirect()
      • getObjNum

        public int getObjNum()
        Indirect object number or zero if direct
      • getObjGen

        public int getObjGen()
        Indirect object generation or -1 if direct
      • getObjEOF

        public long getObjEOF()
        Return EOF of object's update section or zero if cannot be determined.
      • getObjRevision

        public int getObjRevision()
        Return index of object's update section or -1 if cannot be determined.
      • getObjPos

        public long getObjPos()
        Return object's position or zero if cannot be determined.
      • isCompressed

        public boolean isCompressed()
        Returns true if this INDIRECT object currently resides in an object stream. Returns false always if direct.
      • intValue

        public int intValue()
        Accessor functions for scalar CosObjects. These are defined in the base class to avoid having to make an explicit cast after determining the subclass by either getType() or instanceof. The ones defined in the base class all throw RuntimeException. For each scalar subclass the appropriate method is overridden, so getting here represents a "can't happen" situation.
      • longValue

        public long longValue()
        Returns long value if it's type of CosNumeric else throws exception.
      • doubleValue

        public double doubleValue()
        Returns double value if it's type of CosNumeric else throws exception.
      • numberValue

        public Number numberValue()
        Returns number value if it's type of CosNumeric else throws exception.
      • booleanValue

        public boolean booleanValue()
        Returns boolean value if it's type of CosBoolean else throws exception.
      • nameValue

        public ASName nameValue()
        Returns name value if it's type of CosName else throws exception.
      • getDocument

        public CosDocument getDocument()
        Obtain the COS document that contains this object.
        COSDocument containing this object.
      • getStreamManager

        public StreamManager getStreamManager()
        Obtain the StreamManager for the document containing this object.
        StreamManager to use for this COS object.
      • isDirty

        public boolean isDirty()
        Returns if this cosobject is dirty, else false.
      • equals

        public abstract boolean equals​(CosObject value)
        This method returns true if either they have same reference or have same data inside. Returns false if passed CosObject is not on same document.
        value -
      • equals

        public boolean equals​(Object value)
        Object.equals(Object) is overridden here.
        equals in class Object