Class ConnectionSetModel

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Element.DualDomNode, Peer

    public final class ConnectionSetModel
    extends Model
    A class to model the collection of all XFA nodes that make up form connectionset.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ConnectionSetModel

        public ConnectionSetModel​(Element parent,
                                  Node prevSibling)
    • Method Detail

      • connectionSetNS

        public static String connectionSetNS()
        The connectionset namespace URI string
      • getConnectionSetModel

        public static ConnectionSetModel getConnectionSetModel​(AppModel appModel,
                                                               boolean bCreateIfNotFound)
        Gets the connectionset model held within an XFA DOM hierarchy.
        appModel - the application model.
        bCreateIfNotFound - when set, create a model if necessary.
        the connectionset model or null if none found.
      • createNode

        public Node createNode​(int eTag,
                               Element parent,
                               String aName,
                               String aNS,
                               boolean bDoVersionCheck)
        Description copied from class: Model
        Create an element with the given tag, parent, name and uri.
        Specified by:
        createNode in class Model
        eTag - the element's tag.
        parent - the element's parent.
        aName - the element's name.
        aNS - the element's namespace.
        bDoVersionCheck - check the element's version.
        a new element.
        See Also:
        Model.createNode(int, Element, String, String, boolean)
      • execute

        public boolean execute​(Element oConnectionNode,
                               boolean bDynamicMerge)
        Executes the given connection.

        Adobe patent application tracking # P624, entitled "Form-based Data Storage And Retrieval", inventors: Matveief,Young,Solc

      • execute

        public boolean execute​(String sConnectionName,
                               boolean bDynamicMerge)
        Executes the given connection.

        Adobe patent application tracking # P624, entitled "Form-based Data Storage And Retrieval", inventors: Matveief,Young,Solc

        sConnectionName - the name of the connection to execute.
        bDynamicMerge - do a full remerge, killing all that is in the data DOM.
        true if connection was executed, false otherwise.
      • getDataDescriptionName

        public String getDataDescriptionName​(String sConnectionName)
        Gets the name of the dataDescription property for the given connection.
        sConnectionName - the name of the connection.
        name of the dataDescription.
      • getDefaultDataConnection

        public Node getDefaultDataConnection()
        Gets the default data connection, if any.
        The default data connection or null if not found.
      • getNamedConnection

        public Node getNamedConnection​(String sConnectionName,
                                       int eClass)
      • getNS

        public String getNS()
        Description copied from class: Element
        Gets this element's namespace.
        getNS in class Model
        the namespace URI.
        See Also:
      • loadChildren

        public void loadChildren​(Node startNode,
                                 Generator genTag)
      • publish

        public boolean publish​(Model.Publisher publisher)
        Description copied from class: Model
        Publish the model to an Application Storage facility. This involves updating all external references (such as image hrefs) such that they point to local collateral. The actual details of this are left up to the implementer of the class derived from Model.Publisher specified in the oPublisher parameter. What publish() itself does is recursively traverse the tree structure of the model. When an external reference is encountered (for example, the href attribute of an image node), the updateExternalRef() method is called. The node, attribute identifier and original value of the external reference are passed to updateExternalRef(). The derived class should copy the collateral to the application storage area (if desired), and should update the value of sExternalRefValue to indicate the new value for the external reference (probably some sort of relative path). If an external reference stored as an element value (for example, a uri node) is encountered, updateExternalRef is called with node and the eAttribute arg is set to XFA.TEXTNODETAG. Two or more instances of an identical external reference result in only one call to updateExternalRef(), because returned values are cached and reused. If called on the AppModel, this method recursively calls publish on all contained models.
        publish in class Model
        publisher - an instance of a class derived from TemplateModel.Publisher.