Class FormField

    • Constructor Detail

      • FormField

        public FormField​(Element parent,
                         Node prevSibling)
    • Method Detail

      • remove

        public void remove()
        Description copied from class: Node
        Removes this node from its parent child list.
        remove in class Node
      • getCPDField

        public Object getCPDField()
        For use by Gibson for XFAplugins.
      • setCPDField

        public void setCPDField​(Object oCPDField)
        For use by Gibson for XFAplugins.
      • getDeltas

        public void getDeltas​(Element delta,
                              XFAList list)
        Description copied from class: Element
        Gets a collection of deltas to restore. The locale attribute is always restored immediately, and is not returned in the list of deltas.
        getDeltas in class Element
        delta - an Element from the form packet.
        list - the list of deltas to be populated.
        See Also:
        Element.getDeltas(Element, XFAList)
      • getIsNull

        public boolean getIsNull()
        Description copied from class: Element
        Determine if this node contains a null value.
        getIsNull in class Element
        true if this node contains a null value, false otherwise.
      • execValidate

        public boolean execValidate()
        execValidate in class Field
      • getRegistered

        public boolean getRegistered​(int eActivity)
      • notifyPeers

        public void notifyPeers​(int eventType,
                                String arg1,
                                Object pArg2)
        Description copied from class: ProtoableNode
        This method will be called whenever its state changes. This will also modify the eventType and notify the parent of this tree
        Specified by:
        notifyPeers in interface Peer
        notifyPeers in class ProtoableNode
        eventType - the event type as enumerated in this class
        arg1 - additional event information
        pArg2 - additional event information